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HOSTPOS for Pubs, Bars and Bottle Shops

Customer advertising screen allowing you to scrolling advertising or videos on upcoming events and promotions. The screen advertises until a sale is being entered. When this is being done the sale information is also shown to the side of the advertising so the client can see the order as it is processed. Combining full stock control, product scanning with on board loyalty and accounts system you will be amazed at the control you will have over your business without a great deal of effort.

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HOSTPOS for Restaurants

TouchPoint is an international leader in hospitality specific software. Boasting over 96000 installations worldwide the market share speaks for itself.

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HOSTPOS for Members Clubs

The system can be configured to run prepay account balances, which means that you can take the money of your customers up front in exchange for a discount on future purchases which in turn encourages them to spend their money with you as they only need to use a loyalty card rather than bring in cash with them.

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HOSTPOS for Retail

One of the primary considerations when it comes to investing in an HOSTPOS system for retail is the matter of security and how to reduce shrinkage from staff theft. HOSTPOS HOSTPOINT has many features to help in the detection and prevention in this area.

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HOSTPOS for Fast Food,Takeaways and Franchise food businesses

The TOUCHPOINT system is designed to be enabled in Quick Service mode. This is excellent for the business that requires speed in processing clients orders and payments. TOUCHPOINT allows you to have multiple locations without the costs related to many other point of sale companies. For the smaller stores by adding TOUCHOFFICE you can enjoy you own personalized loyalty program. For the larger franchised operation you can have TOUCHLOYALTY allowing loyalty points to be shared throughout your organization.

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HOSTPOS Software


Our state-of-the-art flagship touch screen POS software. Used for single businesses, multibusinesses and international franchises. Most languages and tax systems are catered for.

It is effortless to program and administer, reliable, proven and cutting edge. All functionality is included in one price. Loyalty, Accounts, Table management, Integrated EFTPOS, Marketing programs, Cashless processing, Stocktake, Reservations. Touchpoint is by far the most versatile system on the market with over 90,000 licenses used worldwide.


  • TouchOffice

    Reliable pc software for the back office. Unrivalled integration with tills and other essential hardware. Compatible with Sage, Booker and Pay24-7. READ MORE

  • Pockettouch

    Paper-free food and drinks ordering. Takes payments at the table. Sends information from table to chef in seconds. Improves service times and reduces mistakes. READ MORE

  • TouchLoyalty

    Add-on customer loyalty software designed to complement TouchPoint. The clever and flexible way to monitor your customers and their spending habits, allowing you to plan and deliver promotions. READ MORE

  • TouchKitchen

    Delivers food orders to the kitchen while eliminating the need for paper and print-outs. Collates and displays information directly from the till or hand-held ordering device. Makes orders clear and legible, speeds up service, reduces mistakes. READ MORE

  • TouchStock

    A small and mighty hand-held stock control device. It counts stock, scans barcodes, checks deliveries and generates labels. It syncs with TouchOffice to create orders and update databases. READ MORE

  • TouchTakeaway

  • Have your own buy on line shop. TouchTakeaway integrates directly with your point of sale. No more charges by transaction from third party suppliers. The transactions are seamless processing orders directly to your terminal.
  • TouchReservation

    An addon to your website that allows your customers to easily make table bookings online using their smartphone or any web enabled device. It also boasts real time integration to the HostPoint EPoS System. READ MORE

  • TouchOffice Web

    Online, web based version of our back office software. This allows access to real time sales information from anywhere in the world using any web enabled device. Can also integrate with your CCTV system. READ MORE

Specialists in Retail & Hospitality POS

HostPOS specializes in hospitality and retail point of sale and back office point of sale (e pos) products. For over 21 years HostPOS has been at the cutting-edge point of sale solutions, back office software and hardware systems within Australia and overseas.We are one of the best service provider of hospitality point of sales Australia.

Reliable Products

HostPOS is proud to offer hardware and software solutions that are excellent, affordable and reliable.

Buy Online and Save

With HostPOS you can buy on line and save thousands of dollars. Take the time to compare not only our prices but also the integrated products within our suite. Check out our products and pricing on our online discount store Point of Sale Pty Ltd.

Extensive Customer Base

HostPOS, has a large, long term and impressive client base of restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, bars, resorts and retail operations.

To Book Demonstration

To speak to someone from the HostPOS team, or to book a demonstration of any of the HostPOS software or hardware options, simply call 1300 776 014 or email us: info@hostpos.com.au.