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Transforming cafe’s and restaurants

TouchKitchen provides and alternative to printers in the way food and beverage production orders are delivered.

From steak and chips, hamburger and coke to mushroom risotto, a clients choice is displayed on a screen in the kitchen or/and bar, eliminating the need for paper and print-outs.

When waiting staff take an order, TouchKitchen receives information directly from the touch screen till system or hand-held ordering device. Chefs don’t have to rely on the order being brought to the kitchen, so they can get cooking straight away.

TouchKitchen displays orders on screen in the categories you want them to be shown. The graphics mimic a conventional paper order or print-out. TouchKitchen provides greater flexibility and mistakes are much less likely.

  • Orders can be shelved between courses or cleared altogether when the meal is finished.
  • Information is clear and legible and there’s no room for misunderstanding over what’s been ordered.
  • Orders can’t be misplaced and they can be recalled even after they’ve been cleared.
  • Edit food orders by crossing out completed dishes.

TouchKitchen can be used to track how the kitchen is performing. If an order is delayed, it changes colour on the touch screen. If it’s overdue, it flashes to alert the chef.

HostKitchen is adaptable….

Orders can be moved around the screen, re-stacked and reordered. Once the starter is complete, orders can be held until it’s time to cook the main. The graphics will fit on any display to suit any size of kitchen, and the individual orders can be enlarged or reduced. The screen can handle unlimited orders and it can be scrolled to allow them all to be read. Personalize TouchKitchen by changing the text size, colour and position of the orders.

On its own or in a group….

TouchKitchen operates on its own or linked to other units. You might like one in the kitchen, one in the preparation area and one on the floor, to allow waiting staff to track orders.