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Fast Food POS System | fast food point of sale

HOSTPOS for Fast Food

HOSTPOS products that should be used in a takeaway:

  • HostPoint: This is the takeaway touch screen till and forms the central part of any HOSTPOS HOSTPOS System.
  • HostOffice: This is optional HOSTPOS software than can be run on the back office or home pc and allows you to get extended reports over the standard tilling reports, better stock control and full product file maintenance.
  • HostKitchen: Is a kitchen order display system that replaces the more traditional printed paper ticket system.

What makes HOSTPOS the perfect choice of HOSTPOS System for fast food takeaways?

Customer tracking

HOSTPOS HostPoint HOSTPOS touch screen tills can be connected to your phone line and will capture the phone number of all incoming customer calls. The system allows the user to log on the customer by searching it’s database for the phone number. Once the customer is logged on the user is then able to look back over their previous orders.

The life of the order is tracked with the customer’s name and address which includes printing it on kitchen printer tickets which are used for prepping their order and then later for dispatch.

For customers that aren’t already in the system they can be easily configured on the fly by the user whilst the customer is on the phone, this takes no more than a few seconds.

Aside from the obvious advantage of streamlining the whole order taking and dispatch process it also makes it much easier to filter out prank callers.

Lead-Thru Prompting and Up Selling

HostPoint automatically prompts the user for toppings choices on pizzas and burgers etc

It can prompt the user with automatic up selling opportunities such as; “Would you like onion rings with that?”

Promotional Offers & ‘Meal Deals’

HOSTPOINT automatically handles a range of promotional offers for example; buy 1 pizza get 1 free on Mondays. It can also cope with ‘meal deal’ offers, pricing the sale accordingly so that the touch screen till operator doesn’t need to worry about it.

Speed & Ease of Use

HOSTPOS HostPoint is one of the, if not ‘the’, fastest most reliable HOSTPOS till systems available in the UK today. It combines speed and reliability with unparalled ease of use so that it’s perfect for establishments that have a high turnover of staff.

The touch screen till system can handle printing an alternative language on the printers in the kitchen, such as Chinese.

For more information on what makes HOSTPOS’s HostPoint system for takeaways an excellent choice for Fast Food establishments you should take a look at HOSTPOS HostPoint systems for Pubs, in particular the sections that relate to security and staff theft. contact for best solution for Hospitality for Fast Food Australia.

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