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HOSTPOS for Members Clubs - Hostpos

HOSTPOS for Members Clubs

HOSTPOS products that should be used in a members club:

  • HostPoint: This is the HOSTPOS till and forms the central part of any HOSTPOS HOSTPOS System.
  • HostOffice: This is optional HOSTPOS software than can be run on the back office or home pc and allows you to get extended reports over the standard tilling reports, better stock control and full product file maintenance.
  • HostLoyalty: Offers enhancements to the standard loyalty system already found in HOSTPOINT; this is especially useful if you run an estate of clubs.  This also offers the ability to run email marketing campaigns.
  • TouchTopUp: This is a secure wall mounted re-credit unit, allowing payments to be credited to customer accounts and checking of balances away from the point of sale and 24/7.

Many of the features required for a members club match those requirements of a pub, please see HOSTPOS Systems for Pubs.

Features Specific to Members Clubs

One of the key features of an HOSTPOS HOSTPOINT HOSTPOS system for Members Clubs is the inbuilt comprehensive customer management system.

The system can be configured to run prepay account balances, which means that you can take the money of your customers up front in exchange for a discount on future purchases which in turn encourages them to spend their money with you as they only need to use a loyalty card rather than bring in cash with them.  This can be combined with a TouchTopUp unit that allows the customer to credit their account without having to queue at the bar.

In many cases member loyalty cards can also be used to control the door entry system restricting entry to non members and even existing door entry cards can be configured to work with the HOSTPOS loyalty system.

The touch screen till system can be configured to restrict the sale of certain products to under age members.  It can also manage expiry dates, so that members have to renew their membership annually.

Photo ID when a card is swiped at HostPoint the members photo can be displayed confirming the identity of the holder.

Promotional features of the members scheme

Loyalty schemes include

The HostPoint till system has a whole host of promotional options encouraging members to buy product from you, these include:

Discounts, which allow you to give a percentage discount on all or a selected range of products, discount rates can also vary based on the type of product being sold.

Members only pricing structures can be implemented whereby card carrying members can be charged members prices and non members pay standard prices

A loyalty points system allows members to earn points based on the products they buy which can be redeemed against future purchases

All of the member types can also be configured to allow the customer to prepay a monetary value onto their card doing away with the need for them to carry cash when visiting the club.

With the addition of HostLoyalty to control members, targeted email promotions can be sent based on customers spend and other customer information such as birthdays, HostLoyalty will also allow the control of members across an estate of clubs.

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