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Nightclub POS systems | POS software for nightclubs

HOSTPOS for Nightclubs

HOSTPOS products that should be used in a Nightclub:

  • HostPoint: This is the Nightclub HOSTPOS touch screen till and forms the central part of any  HOSTPOS System.
  • HostOffice: This is optional HOSTPOS software than can be run on the back office or home pc and allows you to get extended reports over the standard tilling reports, better stock control and full product file maintenance.
  • HostLoyalty: Offers enhancements to the standard loyalty system already found in HostPoint; this is especially useful if you run an estate of clubs.

Key HOSTPOS for Nightclubs Features

Front facing large customer video screens allow the promotion of upcoming events or drinks promotions.  They can also be used to display the details of the current sale making it easy for management to be sure that the staff are registering all the items that they are supplying.

HostPoint can be used at the Nightclub door entry or cloakroom it has the ability to produce tickets that can be used for admission or pinned to clothing to be claimed later

When selling cocktails HostPoint has the ability to guide the user through making with onscreen pictures and instructions.

Add  HostLoyalty and build up a customer database, send targeted promotions to Nightclub members.

Emenu link, allow VIP customers to place orders from the table.

Operator reporting allowing you to quickly identify your top staff and more importantly identify your worst.

Link promotional items to your staff reports allowing you to offer incentives for the sale of these products.

Scheduled price changes, allowing prices to be increased or decreased as the night goes on.


In a Nightclub speed of service in vital, HostPoint has been optimised to be able to sell your entire product range with the minimum of key presses, clear uncluttered touch screens with the option of images instead of text further enhance the overall speed of operation.

For more information on what makes HOSTPOS a perfect HOSTPOS system for your Nightclub please follow the HOSTPOS systems for Pubs link.

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