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Retail POS systems | Retail Point of Sale Systems

HOSTPOS for Retail

HOSTPOS products that are used in retail:

  • HostPoint: This is the retail touch screen till and forms the central part of any HOSTPOS System.
  • HostOffice: This is optional HOSTPOS software that can be run on the back office or home pc and allows you to get extended reports over the standard tilling reports, better stock control and full product file maintenance. HostOffice will also give you the ability to be recommended orders, view stock movement history and interface with other products such as Booker and Sage.
  • PocketHost: PocketHost is our HOSTPOS handheld ordering device and is usually used in restaurants but when equipped with a bar code scanner and a belt ticket printer, this then makes it ideal for queue busting.
  • HostLoyalty: Offers enhancements to the standard loyalty system already found in HostPont; this is especially useful if you run an estate of shops.
  • TouchStock: A small hand held stock taking device that can be used for stock takes, price checks, processing deliveries, orders and wastage.

What makes HOSTPOS the perfect choice of HOSTPOS System for Retail?


One of the primary considerations when it comes to investing in an HOSTPOS system for retail is the matter of security and how to reduce shrinkage from staff theft. HOSTPOS HostPoint has many features to help in the detection and prevention in this area.

Examples are:

  • Many methods of staff identification, to ensure that you can be sure that you know that the correct person was using the till at the time indicated. Methods include; simple pin number, magnetic cards, iButtons, finger prints & RFID cards to name only a few.
  • Cash Declaration for managers. Cash Declaration means that the manager has to count the money in the drawer and tell the till how much is there before and end of day report can be run; the till will then indentify and stamp any differences. This prevents an age old fraud when managers don’t register certain sales into the till and then pocket the difference at the end of the trading day.
  • Remote journal viewing. This allows management to remotely view the activity on one of the tills from another till or remote pc.
  • CCTV Journal Overlay. This gives you the option of having CCTV film the point of sale counter whilst recording till activity overplayed on the video footage.
  • Full Stock Control. Being able to keep track of what should be in stock allows you to easily identify what and how much has left the building without being put through the tilling system.
  • A multitude of Mix and match promotion types can be handled and the system can automatically end them with a built in end date
  • Meal deal promotions
  • Customer loyalty with members points schemes
  • The HOSTPOS system can automatically prompt with Age Challenge on selected products and record the result on the electronic journal
  • HOSTPOINT has UK Weight & Measures approval to be used with a weigh scale for selling fresh produce.
  • Interfaces with other software products such as Booker, Pay24-7 and Sage
  • Product files can be imported
  • Prints shelf edge labels and bar code product labels from either the till itself or via the HostOffice back office pc.
  • Customer accounts can be managed with credit limits managed by group

In-Store Promotions

Interfaces to other Equipment & Software

The product file can be built up at the touch screen till itself whilst it’s in use, new products that are found on the shelves that don’t already appear in the product file can be keyed in by the serving member of staff and remembered for future.

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