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How to buy - Hostpos



Fullfill you point of sale needs for as little as $11 dollars a day!

A large number of HostPOS implementations are on payment plans.

To learn more please continue reading or call us directly on 1300767014.

Pay Now, Pay Later or Rent

HostPOS offers you flexibility in your purchase.

  1. You can buy outright.
  2. Finance with a number of HostPOS partners or with your preferred finance company.
  3. Rent to Buy.
  4. Rent only.

Outline of the full purchase transaction.

  • Return signed quotation by fax, email or snail mail.
  • Pay 20% deposit to have your point of sale data processed and system built.
  • Pay a second deposit to 80% of the purchase and have all your hardware shipped directly to your site.
  • Make a suitable time for an accredited installer/trainer to come and install at your site.
  • Pay the remaining amount to have the system licensed to your business.
  • Complete the installation and have all relevant staff trained in the use of the system.
  • Have continual training within your training package either on site or over the internet.
  • Receive continual support as per our support guidelines.


Pay Now / Buy Outright

Customers buying outright. Please see the “Outline of the transaction” above for details.


Pay later. Commercial Hire Purchase.

This option allows you to either use one of our partner finance firms or your own. Either contact your preferred financier or contact us to arrange this for you. Once we know who we are using to finance your purchase we will work with the financier to provide all necessary information. Then the transactions follows the same route as that of an outright purchase customer. Please see the “Outline of the transaction” above for details.

RENT to Buy

We know that sometimes getting approval from some finance companies can drown you in paperwork. So we provide an option for those who don’t want to go through this pain or simply do not have enough for the deposit.

The maximum term for rent to buy is 48 months (TAP).

This option allows you to pay weekly, monthly or quarterly. Each payment goes toward fully owning the system.

At completion of the term you will own your system outright.

RENT only. (Software and Hardware rent only packages available).

This is the most popular of type of way to get up and running. Renting can start from as little as $11 per week.

If you want us to replace your current system. We can in most cases use your hardware (in most cases we can put our software on hardware provided by other companies) or we recommend www.posptyltd.com.au for quality low priced hardware.

Minimum rental term is 12 months. For all rental contracts, when your contract finishes you may wish to pay a small fee to own the system, continue to rent or return the hardware and software to us for no further fee.